...to Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) where our research focuses on increasing our and, hence society's, understanding of the marine environment and the challenges it faces.

PML was established at our current site on the Hoe, Plymouth, to undertake interdisciplinary research that brings together areas of scientific expertise to address key scientific and socially relevant questions relating to the marine environment.

This concept of interdisciplinary research not only lives on, but thrives today. It is fundamental to the way in which our scientists work and effectively "Listen to the Ocean®".

Since our establishment, almost four decades ago, we have built a globally recognised reputation for scientific excellence, as evidenced by the quality of our publication record. Analysis of the Thomson Reuters’ Essential Citation Indices indicates that over 10% of PML’s scientists are in the top 1% of environmental scientists worldwide. The global strategic impact of our activities was also recognised by our winning of the Environment and Conservation category at the 15th Annual Charity Awards for the Europe-Africa Marine Earth Observation Network (EAMNet) project.

Working with partners both nationally and internationally, we have a research portfolio of over 80 commissioned research projects at any one time. We are a partner for the UK's Natural Environment Research Council, delivering National Capability in marine science and Earth Observation, as well as leading or partnering on many EU research programmes.

Sharing the knowledge we gain is a key focus of our business activities, whether that is with the wider scientific community, policymakers, industry partners, stakeholders or the next generation of marine scientists.

Through our commercial trading subsidiary, PML Applications Ltd, we meet the needs of business and industry by taking the knowledge generated by our scientists and developing innovative and applicable solutions to wider social challenges.

We do hope that you will enjoy finding out more about who we are and how the work we do helps sustain clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse marine ecosystems for today's and future generations.

Prof. Stephen de Mora
Chief Executive