History of Nereis Park

The Nereis Park story started in 1996 in Rimouski (Qu├ębec, Canada) within Gaston Desrosiers's research group when a funny cartoon of a Nereis specimen was hung in the students' room. Four years later, a website was launched with official authorisation from DreamWorks-SKG to use a name and logo inspired by the Jurassic Park movie (www.nereispark.org).

In 2002, an association aiming to "strengthen collaboration and knowledge exchange between scientists studying the bioturbation processes induced by the King Nereis, other animals and vegetal organisms in sediments and soils" was officially registered in France as a non-profit making association.

As well as providing an online portal for bioturbation researchers. Nereis Park also communicates multidisciplinary updates on the importance of bioturbation in sediment biogeochemistry, ecosystem functioning, and global biogeochemical cycles. Nereis Park also stimulated the organization of the first international meeting on bioturbation in France ("Bioturbation: The Ever Changing Seafloor", Carry-le-Rouet, 2004).

Following upon the success of this first meeting, the Second and Third Nereis Park Conferences took place respectively in Renesse ("Bioturbation: An update on Darwin’s last idea", The Netherlands, 2008) and Kristineberg Marine Station ("Benthic processes in a globally changing environment", Sweden, 2011).

In addition to these meetings, a collaborative Nereis Park experiment was carried out by twenty laboratories in 2007, in order to acquire a world snapshot of the bioturbation activities by Nereidae species.

It is now time for bioturbation researchers to meet again in Plymouth (UK) for the Fourth Nereis Park Conference!

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