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Dr Rory Donnelly

Satellite Services Manager

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Rory studied Environmental Science in Western Australia, completing a PhD entitled ‘Atmospheric dispersion modelling in an emergency response context’ at Murdoch University in 2010. He worked concurrently at Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM Australia) as an air quality scientist learning commercial world and scientific project delivery. After completing studies he took a post-doc in Toulouse, France at the Centre National de Recherche Meteorologique integrating greenhouse gas emission estimates into the national meso-scale atmospheric model MESO-NH.

After this post, he gained a position at 3E, a renewable energy consultancy in Belgium, where he rose to lead the R&D team of 15 scientists and engineers in developing new approaches for the consultants in the sectors of wind, solar energy and building energy efficiency. In this role Rory also led industrial research implementing cutting edge algorithms and monitoring approaches into a renewable energy plant monitoring Software As A Service.

Subsequently Rory has brought these project management and IT management skills to the remote sensing operations at PML where he has been tasked with leading the new Centre for Geospatial Applications, a department focussed on delivering operational products in earth observation and visualisation.



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