Dr Tracey Beacham

Algal Molecular Biologist

Photograph of Dr Tracey Beacham

Contact Details

+44 (0)1752 633416

Dr Tracey Beacham is a molecular biologist and biochemist with experience working in both academia and industry. Her academic interests are varied and encompass both applied technologies and blue skies research and have included developing novel molecular and immuno based in-vitro diagnostic tests, studying chromosome dynamics in Saccharomyces cerevisiae to the genetic manipulation and biochemical analysis of marine microalgae for the production of biofuels. Most recently Tracey has been involved in a collaborative project aimed at an integrated approach to the cost-effective production of industrially relevant compounds from microalgae integrating both genetic engineering and technological development for cost effective bioprocessing.

Tracey ’s current academic research includes, lipid biosynthesis; algae genetic manipulation; scale up, bioprocessing and high throughput liquid processing technologies; GM health safety and legislation;  phytoplankton isolation.  

Key Projects

Pilot Algal Lipid Manufacturing in the United Kingdom (PALM-UK)

Phytography: Digital High Value Products From Phytoplankton

ALGEBRA- ALGal Environmental and Biotechnological Risk Assessment

An Integrated approach to the cost-effective production of biodiesel from photosynthetic microbes

Other Activities

Member of the Science Data Management Committee

First Aider committee

Radiation committee and GM committee


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Beacham T.A. and Ali S.T.(2016) Growth dependent silencing and resetting of DGA1 transgene in Nannochloropsis salina. Algal Research, 14, 65-71

Beacham T.A., Macia, V.M., Rooks, P., White, D.A., Ali, S.T., (2015) Altered lipid accumulation in Nannochloropsis salina CCAP849/3 following EMS and UV induced mutagenesis. Biotechnology Reports 7, 87-94

Beacham T.A., Bradley, C., White, D.A., Bond, P., Ali, S.T., (2014) Lipid productivity and cell wall ultrastructure of six strains of Nannochloropsis: Implications for biofuel production and downstream processing. Algal Research 6, Part A, 64-69.

Chambers AL, Brownlee PM, Durley SC, Beacham T.A., Kent NA, et al. (2012) The Two Different Isoforms of the RSC Chromatin Remodelling Complex Play Distinct Roles in DNA Damage Responses. PLoS ONE 7(2): e32016. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0032016

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