Elaine Fileman

Plankton Ecologist

Elaine Fileman

Contact Details

+44 (0)1752 633100 (switchboard)

Elaine Fileman is a Plankton Ecologist at PML with more than 20 years’ research experience in the ecology of microzooplankton and their trophic interactions in the marine food web. Her research interests include the structure and diversity of microzooplankton communities, their role in controlling phytoplankton population growth, their role as a food source for higher trophic levels (in particular copepods and meroplankton) and the transfer of compounds (such as photo-protective MAAs) from the phytoplankton through to micro- and mesozooplankton.

Elaine has more than 25 peer reviewed papers, has participated in 12 oceanographic research cruises and has supervised 3 PhD students. She is the Schools Liaison Officer for Plymouth Marine Laboratory and is a Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Ambassador.

Key Projects

EU Interreg IV,  Charm III (Channel Integrated Approach for Marine Resource Management) – 2009-2012

NERC Shelf Sea Biogeochemistry Thematic: Carbon and Nutrient Dynamics and Fluxes over Shelf Systems CaNDyFloSS - 2013-2016

Other Activities

Member of the ICES working group on Zooplankton Ecology

Member of the ICES working group on Phytoplankton and Microbial Ecology


Fileman,E S, Fitzgeorge- Balfour, T, Tarran G & Harris, RP, (2011).  Plankton community diversity from bacteria to copepods in bloom and non-bloom conditions in the Celtic Sea in spring. Estuarine Coastal Shelf Science, 93, 403-414.

Fileman, E, Petropavlovsky, A, and Harris, R (2010) Grazing by the copepods Calanus helgolandicus and Acartia clausi on the protozooplankton community at station L4 in the Western English Channel. Journal of Plankton Research, 32, 709-724.

Fileman, ES, Smith, T & Harris RP, (2007) Grazing by Calanus helgolandicus and Para_Pseudocalanus spp. on phytoplankton and protozooplankton  during the spring bloom in the Celtic Sea. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology & Ecology, 348, 70-84.

Fileman ES and Leakey, RJG (2005). Microzooplankton dynamics during the development of the spring bloom in the northeast Atlantic. Journal of Marine Biological Association, UK, 85, 741-753. 

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