Energy & Environment Phase II  (UKERC)

PML contact: Professor Melanie Austen

Funder: UKERC - UK Energy Research Centre

Start date: January 2009
End date: March 2014

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The second phase of the Energy & Environment theme will study the impact which energy production and greenhouse gas mitigation technologies will have on the environment, as well as the UK's carbon footprint.

By increasing understanding of the environmental effect of these technologies, the scientists in this project can also develop strategies for energy exploitation and carbon abatement, which limit environmental impacts while safeguarding or even restoring the ecosystem. The tools developed will ensure that future policy development in this area will consider not just the economic implications, but also the environmental ones. Also, through seeking out opportunities for improved sustainability, this project will help to meet the UK's CO2 emission reduction targets.

PML leads the Energy & Environment theme for the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), taking a key role in delivering marine and emerging offshore renewables research.


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