Europe-Africa Marine Earth Observation Network (EAMNET)

PML contact: Steve Groom

Funder: European Commission (EC)

Start date: January 2010
End date: July 2013

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EAMNet was a collaborative network linking Earth Observation (EO) information providers, user networks and centres of excellence in Europe and Africa in the area of coastal and marine observations, to help benefit sustainable development in Africa.

The EAMNet project strove to improve capability in training and experience to build upon existing infrastructure and expertise in Africa. This resulted in the creation of an Earth Observation Masters of Science (MSc) module in African universities, so that students can learn the skills and techniques to download, interpret and analyse EO data. EAMNet also developed open access lesson material for self-learning. Through establishment of a network of marine institutes in Europe and Africa, the EAMNet project has enhanced bilateral research and unlocked opportunities for joint working. The project made satellite data accessible to scientific research institutes that plan to use this information to better manage their marine and coastal areas: this data provision is still on-going.

EAMNet was co-ordinated by PML and involved partners from five European and four African countries.

2014 Charity awards winner The EAMNet project won the "Environment and conservation" category at the 2014 Charity Awards.


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