Advancing science

We have nearly 40 years experience in developing innovative technologies and techniques and sharing this knowledge with the wider scientific community. These developments have helped advance marine research and society’s understanding of the Earth system.

There are many challenges faced by today’s scientific community, such as unstable economies and global environmental issues, which require cross-territory and inter-governmental cooperation.

As much as the world has moved towards a global society in recent decades, scientifically, there is still progress to be made to stretch limited funds even further and share high quality research more widely.

We can help meet these challenges by developing cheaper, faster, more accurate techniques and technologies for studying the marine environment; making data widely accessible; sharing knowledge and expertise; collaborating internationally on research and training, and providing cost effective analytical services to other organizations.

To help address this research topic, we focus on the following research subjects:

Biodiversity and ecosystem function

Coastal production processes

Ecosystem modelling and forecasting

Geo-engineering solutions

Long-term observations

Marine energy and resources

Remote sensing observation

Valuing the marine environment

Our research is funded by commissioned projects and programmes. A selection of current and recent projects relevant to this research topic can be found below:

Other research topics