Opportunities from the marine environment 

Our world renowned track record of exploring innovative and sustainable approaches helps to address key societal challenges, such as feeding a growing population, dealing with waste, generating energy and the use of resources.

As the global population is estimated to reach 9 billion people by 2050, demand for food, energy and resources is increasing considerably. There are opportunities within the marine environment to help address these global issues, ranging from renewable energy generation and geo-engineering to novel resources to replace environmentally damaging chemicals  and sustainably productive fisheries.

For the marine environment to continue to provide long-term benefits to society we must first understand how these additional uses will impact upon current goods and services as well as the socio-economic  implications into the future.

Through our expert understanding of the socio-economic value of the marine environment and comprehensive evaluations of potential new uses, we are helping to develop monitoring approaches and management strategies to ensure the marine environment remains a key a contributor to human health and prosperous societies for future years.

To help address this research topic, we focus on the following research subjects:

Biodiversity and ecosystem function

Coastal production processes

Ecosystem modelling and forecasting

Geo-engineering solutions

Long-term observations

Marine energy and resources

Remote sensing observation

Valuing the marine environment

Our research is funded by commissioned projects and programmes. A selection of current and recent projects relevant to this research topic can be found below:

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