Process understanding and change

A crashing wave

We have an extensive and internationally recognised track record in biogeochemical cycling research. Our interdisciplinary approach is used to study the chemical and biological processes in the ocean as well as chemical exchanges with the atmosphere, adding valuable data and expert insights to the environmental change knowledge base.

Chemical and biological processes that occur in the ocean play a central role in the Earth system. These marine processes support life in and out of the ocean by encouraging biological productivity, regulating climate  and treating waste.

By increasing our knowledge of marine biogeochemistry we can improve our understanding of the important functions performed by the ocean, whilst helping to forecast how marine ecosystems may transform in light of environmental change and human pressures.

Our advanced understanding of the existing and potential future changes in the ocean provides an evidence base that helps governments, policymakers and environmental managers respond effectively to climate change, ocean acidification and sustainable management of the marine environment.

To help address this research topic, we focus on the following research subjects:

Air-sea gas exchange

Biodiversity and ecosystem function

Coastal production processes

Ecosystem modelling and forecasting

Long-term observations

Marine biogeochemical cycles

Remote sensing observation

Our research is funded by commissioned projects and programmes. A selection of current and recent projects relevant to this research topic can be found below:


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