Dr Caroline Hattam

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Dr Caroline Hattam

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Dr Caroline Hattam is an environmental economist whose main area of research is in the assessment and valuation of marine ecosystem services using both monetary and non-monetary techniques. She is particularly interested in how valuation methods can be improved, especially for ecosystem services that are not currently traded through markets.

Caroline is currently working on projects exploring the impact of ocean acidification on ecosystem services from UK waters, the impact of invasive and outbreak species, and changing species distributions, on ecosystem services from the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Western Mediterranean. Previous projects have included an assessment of the state-of-the-art in the valuation of biodiversity and natural resources, the marine ecosystems and marine economics chapters of the UK’s National Ecosystem Assessment, and a study into the economic and social impact of the closure in Lyme Bay to scallop dredging and demersal trawling.

Prior to joining PML, Caroline worked in academic and non-governmental organizations, both in the UK and overseas, on a range of projects focusing on human use of the natural environment.

Key Projects

Improved understanding of the potential population, community and ecosystem impacts for all life stages for commercially important species and their capacity to resist and adapt. NERC/DECC/DEFRA 2011-2013)

Vectors of Change in Oceans and Seas Marine Life, Impact on Economic Sectors (VECTORS) (EU FP7 2011-2014) Assessing cultural ecosystem services from the marine environment (NERC Oceans 2025) A quick guide for young people to the oceans and aquatic systems (FAO 2011-2012)  

Other Activities

Education materials: 

FAO (forthcoming 2015) Youth Quick Guide to the Ocean. Caroline Hattam, Tara Hooper, Alashiya Gordes and Reuben Sessa (Eds). 

FAO (2013) Oceans Challenge Badge


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