New call for Oceans and Human Health

New call for Oceans and Human Health

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Unanimous call for a coordinated, transnational and interdisciplinary Oceans and Human Health research programme in Europe.

In March 2014, a group of experts from a broad range of disciplines, including PML scientists, gathered in Bedruthan (Cornwall, UK) to discuss the complex interactions between the marine environment and human health. Human health and wellbeing are intrinsically connected to the oceans. This relationship is becoming increasingly important in light of rapidly growing coastal populations and climate change. Europe can achieve significant public health benefits through a better understanding of highly complex marine environment and human health interactions.

“Oceans and Human Health” (OHH) represents a relatively new and integrative research field, drawing from expertise across the natural, social and economic sciences, including public health and medicine. A beneficial step-change in scientific understanding, evidence-based policy, public awareness and human behaviour is possible through:

• coordinated interdisciplinary research;
• building OHH communities and capacities;
• engaging with stakeholders; and
• managing effective knowledge transfer and science policy interfaces.

The workshop unanimously called for a coordinated, transnational and interdisciplinary Oceans and Human Health research programme in Europe. Research should be solutions-oriented, supporting health and wellbeing, promotion and disease treatment, and informing maritime, environment, public health and innovation policy.

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