Modelling acidification: UK Ocean Acidification Research Programme

The aim of this consortium project (as part of the UK Ocean Acidification Research Programme) was to determine how ocean acidification will impact ecosystems and chemical cycles in the UK and Arctic regional seas. The prinicipal objective was to develop novel scientific model-based knowledge detailing the magnitude and timescale of risks of both ocean acidification and climate change for regional seas, with further general scientific objectives:

  • To improve certainty in predictions of carbonate chemistry, other key indicators and ecological niche distribution.
  • To provide an improved quantification and understanding of the exchange of carbon dioxide between shelf and oceanic environments
  • To quantify the range of ecosystem consquences arising from ocean acidificatoin and co-drivers.

The project worked to generate a step-change in the UK modelling capability of Arctic coupled bio-physical systems, building on initial work in the Arctic domain and using our experience in UK carbon cycle shelf modelling to facilitate this.

This project has been completed

Key information

Funder: NERC

Project start date: July 2010

Project end date: December 2014

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Jerry Blackford
Head of Science - Marine Ecosystems Models & Predictions