Policy-Oriented Marine Environmental Research in the Southern European Seas (PERSEUS)

PERSEUS is dedicated to supporting policy makers towards better management of the Southern European Seas, together representing the Mediterranean and Black Sea. The project aim is to provide policy makers with new support tools for taking measures that will protect our seas now and in the future, turning back the tide on marine life degradation.

Human-induced activities, such as over-fishing and coastal urbanisation, as well as natural pressures such as climate change, are dramatically affecting the marine environment. However, the extent of the combined impact of these pressures on marine life or how one negative influence affects the other is not yet fully understood. PERSEUS is identifying the interacting patterns of human and natural pressures, as well as assessing their impact on marine ecosystems providing a new reality to the challenge of saving our seas.

We play a key role in PERSEUS, working with stakeholders across the region to enable the development on adaptive policies and scenarios.

This project has been completed

Key information

Funder: European Commission (EC)

Project start date: June 2012

Project end date: January 2016

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