REuse of marine shell by-products in Concrete artifFicial reefs (RECIF)

The RECIF project aims to reuse marine by-products to create artificial reefs for a better management of marine resources. The project’s main objective is to respond to a major issue that fishing and shellfish industries currently face: the management of shellfish waste from the sea. Its goal is to develop the shell by-product industry, allowing re-use of waste while providing a positive solution to the development of the marine ecosystem.

To do this, the RECIF project is using waste shells from the shellfish industry to create artificial reef systems. This not only addresses shell disposal issues, but also solves the problem of finding natural building material whilst developing the shell by-product industry. The RECIF project will come to an end following the immersion of an artificial reef off the coast of the English Channel, which will be monitored to determine its impact on the local marine ecosystem.

We are one of eight UK partners in this European cross-border programme which stimulates international knowledge exchange and interdisciplinary collaboration.


Key information

Funder: Interreg

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Professor Steve Widdicombe
Director of Science and Deputy Chief Executive

Other participants

Caroline Louise McNeill