What are saltmarshes?

Saltmarshes are coastal wetlands made up of salt tolerant plants. Found on estuaries, they are flooded during high tide and drained at low tide. They are important habitats for specific wildlife and can perform several useful functions for society. 

The panoramic images below were created by Toni Llobet in collaboration with the RESILcoast project, they illustrate saltmarshes at both high and low tide and feature the abundant wildlife and fauna that thrives in this environment.

Panoramic photo montage showing wildlife in a salt marsh at high tide

Montage showing wildlife in a saltmarsh at low tide


Useful links

RESILCOAST is our sister project which addressed the role of saltmarshes in delivering ecosystem services and how this is impacted by the resilience of saltmarshes to environmental change. For more information please see their webpage: RESILCOAST

Saltmarsh app

If you are interested in learning more about saltmarshes and even getting involved with some saltmarsh research yourself, take a look at the saltmarsh app that was developed for the CBESS research project: Saltmarsh App