Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) works with a number of University partners to train tomorrow’s leaders in Environmental Science.  These collaborations, known as Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs), offer postgraduate studentships and training across the full range of multidisciplinary environments, helping to enrich the student experience.

Each DTP will create a strong and active community of students that are able - and encouraged - to integrate, work, and learn together. Students will receive in-depth, advanced research training, as well as training in the professional and transferable skills essential in today's economy.
Saskia Ruhl (PhD student) filtering seawater onboard the Plymouth Quest research vessel

PML is a multidisciplinary, internationally renowned, strategic marine research centre. For 2018 we have a number of prestigious and exciting opportunities for outstanding students wishing to conduct PhD projects in our five areas of research excellence: Earth observation and remote sensing; biogeochemical cycling; biodiversity and molecular science; marine ecosystem modelling; and socioeconomics of ecosystem goods and services.

These PhD opportunities are developed with partners from 3 DTPs. Further details on each partnership can be found here:

  • GW4+ (with the Universities of Bristol, Bath, Exeter and Cardiff)
  • Spitfire (with the University of Southampton)
  • EnvEast (with the Universities of East Anglia, Kent and Essex)

We currently do not have any studentship opportunities. For enquiries please contact and follow our Twitter feed or Facebook page for announcements of any new opportunities.