Dr Tim Smyth

Head of Science - Marine biogeochemistry and ocean observations

Dr Tim Smyth

Contact Details

+44 (0)1752 633100 (switchboard)

Dr Tim Smyth is the Head of Science for Marine biogeochemistry and ocean observations at PML, and leads the scientific effort of the Western Channel Observatory. Tim has recently led the extension of the work of the Observatory into the international domain through two EC Interreg projects: Marinexus which involves cross channel collaboration with the Roscoff Observatory and MeDON, which is developing a cabled observatory in collaboration with IFREMER.

Tim's interests include the determination of inherent optical properties and primary production using satellite ocean colour data, in situ optics, aerosol and meteorological measurements. He also has extensive sea-going experience, primarily through the UK SOLAS programme taking in-water and atmospheric optical measurements, has been involved with the NERC CASIX centre of excellence and is a principal investigator with the National Centre for Earth Observation. Tim worked for NERC Earth Observation Data Aquisition and Analysis Service at PML for over 10 years and is currently a member of the National Centre for Ocean Forecasting executive, promoting collaborations between PML, the Met. Office and NERC institutes.

He has over sixty peer-reviewed ISI papers and is a member of the NERC peer-review college.

Key Projects

PML Western Channel Observatory

EC Interreg projects: Marinexus (2010-2014) and Medon (2009-2012)

FP7 GMES MyOceans (2009-2012)

UK SOLAS programme, including INSPIRE and ICON cruises

NERC APPRAISE programme (2008-2010)

NERC CASIX Centre of Excellence (2003-2008)

Examining satellite evidence for migration of coccolithophores (ESEMC) (2003-2005)

SARDYN (2002-2005)

Other Activities

Member of National Centre for Ocean Forecasting executive

Chair of PML IT Liaison and Strategy group  


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