Dr Matthew Cole

NERC Associate Research Fellow

Contact Details

+44 (0)1752 633100 (switchboard)

Dr Cole's research interests relate to the impact of anthropogenic pollutants on aquatic environments. Matthew graduated with a first class honours degree in Biosciences from the University of Exeter in 2008, and subsequently undertook an MSc in Aquatic Biology and Resource Management during which he developed a keen interest in ecotoxicological research. For his PhD, Matthew investigated the impacts of microplastic debris on marine zooplankton. 

Matthew is currently working with PML and the University of Exeter on a NERC funded project considering the biological and ecological impacts of microplastics in the marine environment.

Key Projects

Bioavailability and ecological effects of microscopic plastic debris in the ocean - NERC funded grant in collaboration with the University of Exeter.


M Cole et al. (2014). Isolation of microplastics in biota-rich seawater samples and marine organisms. Nature Scientific Reports. 4, 4528.

M Cole et al. (2013). Ingestion of microplastics by zooplankton. Environmental Science & Technology. (47): 6646-6655.

M Cole (2012). Microplastics: Small plastics, big problems? Marine Scientist magazine. 39, 26–28.

M Cole et al. (2011). Microplastics as contaminants in the marine environment: A review. Marine Pollution Bulletin. (62): 2588–2597.

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