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Professor Philip Nightingale

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Professor Philip Nightingale is a Senior Marine Chemist at PML. His research is based around the identification and subsequent quantification of production and/or removal rates of gases in seawater and their transfer across the air-sea interface. He has worked extensively on the use of deliberate tracers (SF6, Helium-3, rhodamines and spores) to determine air-sea gas exchange rates (ASGAMAGE, DOGEE), in pioneering in-situ iron fertilisation experiments (IronEx1&2, EisenEx) and as Lagrangian tracers for studies of trace gas cycling and biogeochemistry (ACSOE, ICON) in coastal seas, upwelling areas and the open oceans.

Phil has a 1st class BSc from the School of Chemical Sciences and a PhD from the School of Environmental Science both at the University of East Anglia (UEA) and has worked at PML since 1995. He was Head of science for the biogeochemistry science area, Cycling in the Sunlit Ocean, from 2010 - 2013. He has published over 55 ISI listed papers (H index 22, total citations ~3500) and a further 12 non-ISI listed but peer-reviewed papers.  He has extensive experience in the analysis of dissolved gases and has participated in about 35 field experiments, including 2 as Chief Scientist. He has collaborated closely with colleagues from the USA (University of Hawaii, University of Miami, University of Washington, LDEO, Moss Landing), New Zealand and Europe (LODYC, KNMI , Kiel, Mainz, AWI, Bergen) as well as several universities in the UK, particularly UEA, Newcastle, Warwick and Southampton.

He has lectured at the SOLAS Summer Schools in Corsica in 2007/09/11 and BIOCAT in Kiel (2008). He has given invited talks in the UK, Germany, Italy, China, Korea and the USA. He reviews manuscripts for a range of journals and proposals for agencies in the UK, USA, Canada, Norway, and S. Africa, and been an evaluator for the EU FPVI programme. He has supervised or co-supervised 16 PhD students and has acted as an External PhD Examiner for the Universities of Leeds, York, Southampton, Newcastle, UEA and Bretagne. He is a Chartered Chemist and has been a Member of the Royal Society for Chemistry since 1999 and the American Geophysical Union since 1994.

Key Projects

Ocean Acidification Impacts on Sea-Surface Biology, Biogeochemistry and Climate. A NERC Ocean Acidification programme to investigate the impact that the changing seawater chemistry will have on marine organisms and ecosystems, on biogeochemical cycling in the sea, and on how the sea interacts with the atmosphere to influence climate.

Observations and synthesis to establish variability and trends of oceanic pH.  A NERC Ocean Acidification programme of observations, combined with analysis of past and on-going time series, to discover the magnitude of surface pH variations at seasonal-up-to-decadal time scales and addressing the Atlantic, UK shelf and slope waters, and selected locations in the Southern Ocean, using data from time series stations and volunteer observing ships.

Carbochange is a European Union Framework Programme investigating the ocean‘s quantitative role in the uptake of carbon under changing climate conditions, thereby using past and present data to infer on our ocean‘s future.

CaNDyFloSS: Carbon and Nutrient Dynamics and Fluxes over Shelf Systems.  A NERC Shelf Sea Biogeochemistry programme to quantify the role of the NW European shelf seas in the global nutrient and carbon cycles, and to understand the critical processes by which this role is sustained.

RAGNARoCC: Radiatively active gases from the North Atlantic Region and Climate Change.  A NERC Greenhouse Gas Programme to understand how large, and how variable, are sources and sinks of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere from the North Atlantic.

Other Activities

Associate Editor for Marine Chemistry from 2005.

Management Board for the EnvEast Doctoral Training Partnership from 2013


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