ADdressing Valuation of Energy and Nature Together (ADVENT)

PML contact: Dr Nicola Beaumont

Funder: Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

Start date: June 2015
End date: June 2020

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Advent is a UK Energy Research Centre Grand Challenge project exploring future UK low carbon energy pathways and quantifying their differing implications for stocks of natural capital and the provision of ecosystems services.

PML leads the marine research component of the project, focused on assessing implications of mixed marine energy sources for cultural ecosystem benefits, using the Bristol Channel-Severn Estuary (BC-SE) as a case study.

PML also leads the work to synthesise the findings from the research both within and beyond ADVENT, to assess the relative merits of various approaches to evaluating the ecosystems services impacts of energy pathways. It will also develop advice on how best to use these diverse approaches to enable meaningful comparisons between alternative energy pathways.

Ultimately the project seeks to fill knowledge gaps and provide both public and private sector decision makers with tools allowing them to take a whole systems perspective on energy futures in a way that integrates energy and environmental considerations.