Energetic Algae (EnAlgae)

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Funder: Interreg

Start date: April 2011
End date: October 2015

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The EnAlgae project aims to develop the potential of algae as a sustainable resource for bioenergy and other products, whilst also reducing CO2 emissions and society’s dependency on unsustainable energy sources.

Through the development of an integrated network of algal nine pilot plants across North West Europe (six micro- and three macroalgae), the EnAlgae project will enhance the emerging marketplace in the region and contribute to a stronger and more co-ordinated algal bioenergy research sector.

Our role in this project is to run a microalgal pilot scale facility, which is directly coupled to the emission stack of a gas power station. This is providing data on the cultivation and maintenance of microalgae to investigate strategic factors for optimising the cultivation environment and contribute to best practice. It will also help to identify opportunities and barriers to inform further development of algal production facilities in the North West of Europe.

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