Sustainable marine goods and services

Trawler at sea

We explore the links between marine goods and services and human health in order to understand societal dependence on healthy marine ecosystems. Our expertise is helping to evaluate the benefit of marine goods and services to society and the associated “cost” if these benefits should change or discontinue in the future due to human activities.

Describing natural environments in terms of the goods and services that they provide to human society is an increasingly common method of conveying the value of the marine environment to governments, policymakers, environmental managers and wider society.

This valuation ensures that there is a true understanding of what is being gained or lost when an ecosystem or the wider environment changes. This allows a more seamless integration of understanding into policy and management strategies.

Our research helps society respond to environmental change and alterations in the goods and services the ocean provides. It also feeds into strategies for protecting these goods and services for future generations.

To help address this research topic, we focus on the following research subjects:

Biodiversity and ecosystem function

Coastal production processes

Ecosystem modelling and forecasting

Geo-engineering solutions

Long-term observations

Marine energy and resources

Valuing the marine environment

Our research is funded by commissioned projects and programmes. A selection of current and recent projects relevant to this research topic can be found below:

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