Quest and buoy at sea

For society to work in harmony with the natural environment, we need to "Listen to the Ocean®".

Our interdisciplinary and pioneering research focuses on the fascinatingly dynamic and complex marine environment that sustains life not only under the water but also across the entire planet.

Providing food for organisms living in the ocean as well as those on land, cycling nutrients between the ocean, land and atmosphere, regulating global climate and significantly contributing to human health, wealth and wellbeing, are just some of the vital goods and services provided by the ocean to support life. It is these goods and services, and the processes and interactions involved, which are of interest to us at PML.

The knowledge we gain by listening to the ocean helps governments, policymakers and environmental managers monitor and control society’s impact upon this important ecosystem, to maintain a healthy and productive ocean for continued benefit to humankind into the future.

To ensure our science is of benefit to society, research is focused into the following priority research topics:

Process understanding and change 

We have an extensive and internationally recognised track record in biogeochemical cycling research. Our interdisciplinary approach is used to study the chemical and biological processes in the ocean as well as chemical exchanges with the atmosphere, adding valuable data and expert insights to the environmental change knowledge base. Read more...

Human interactions with the marine environment

Our world-leading research into marine biodiversity, ecosystem function and their interactions is helping to increase understanding of how society is impacting upon the ocean. Read more...

Sustainable marine goods and services

We explore the links between marine goods and services and human health in order to understand societal dependence on healthy marine ecosystems. Our expertise is helping to evaluate the benefit of marine goods and services to society and the associated “cost” if these benefits should change or discontinue in the future due to human activities. Read more...

Opportunities from the marine environment

We have a world renowned record of exploring innovative and sustainable approaches to help address key societal challenges, such as feeding a growing population, dealing with waste, generating energy and the use of resources. Read more...

Advancing science

We have over 30 years experience in developing innovative technologies and techniques and sharing this knowledge with the wider scientific community. These developments have helped advance marine research and society’s understanding of the Earth system. Read more...