The MixITiN virtual International Conference

Tuesday 19 January 2021 - Thursday 21 January 2021

Virtual event

The MixITiN virtual International Conference will bring together world-class experts from across the globe, including Argentina, Australia, China, Korea, the U.S.A and 9 European countries to discuss the latest research findings and capacity building concerning mixoplankton (plankton that eat and photosynthesis in the same cell).

The conference will be hosted by Dr Aditee Mitra of Cardiff University with PML's Professor Kevin Flynn Co-chair as well as presenting and PML's Dr Tim Smyth leading a round table session.
MixITiN is a project focusing on incorporating mixoplanktivory into mainstream marine research and so working towards recognition of the role of mixoplantivory for marine pelagic production. This is of significant importance as mixoplanktivory has been found to support the growth of organisms important for marine food chains as well as for the biogeochemical cycles removing atmospheric CO2. Mixoplankton are also causative agents of harmful algal blooms. Improved understanding and recognition concerning the way that they function can radically alter the way we view flows of energy and nutrients between organisms.
Registration has now closed for this conference, for further project information please visit

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