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Our sustainability

PML has a strong commitment to reduce its own environmental impact. Environmental responsibility is one of the four pillars of our Strategy 2020-25 and our Environmental Policy sets out our commitments, which include:
  • Achieve net zero carbon for PML’s activities by 2040 at the latest in line with the UKRI environmental sustainability strategy.
  • By 2025, significantly reduce PML’s environment impact through sustainable resource use and reduction of our carbon footprint.
  • Achieve ISO 14001 in environmental management.
  • Make our financial investments in an environmentally sustainable and ethical / socially conscious manner.
  • Promote the efficient use of resources through the minimisation of waste, whilst encouraging recycling and re-use of materials.
  • Increase the ecological value of our estates.
  • Encourage and support behaviours that demonstrate a positive environmental impact.
  • Demonstrate research impact that leads to positive environmental outcomes.

PML’s Senior Management Team sets and monitors operating objectives to help deliver these commitments, advised by our Environmental Management Team. Actions carried out to date include:

  • Installing four electric vehicle charging points at our premises.
  • Installing a 26.7 kWp solar photovoltaic array on our roof, generating an expected saving of 3.5 tons CO2 per year
  • Replacing our old fluorescent light fittings with efficient new LED lighting, generating an expected saving of 4.4 tons CO2 per year
  • Energy efficient data centre
  • Commissioning a heat energy study to evaluate options for emissions reduction, which identified that replacing our gas boilers with an air source heat pump would save 63 tons CO2 per year, putting PML well on the way toward net zero.
  • Procuring Accuvio carbon management software to calculate our emissions and identify further areas for improvement
  • Using sustainably sourced materials. For example, the carpet installed in >20 of our offices in January 2021 is made from recycled plastic recovered from the ocean.
  • Creating a five-year Biodiversity Action Plan to benefit native flora and fauna on our premises. The first actions have been implemented, including: planting a new perimeter hedgerow (about 100m) with native tree species; replanting about 200m2 of lawn as wildflower meadow with melliferous (bee-friendly) species; installing other biodiversity-boosting features – a bug hotel, hedgehog house, bird houses, bird feeders, bird baths and a compost heap – all made from upcycled materials. Employees organised ‘bioblitz’ surveys to document the biodiversity improvements.
  • Installing an apiary for threatened local populations of European dark honeybee as part of a Plymouth-wide network of research apiaries organised by Pollenize.
  • Environmentally responsible investment policy


A bug hotel in the grounds of Plymouth Marine Laboratory
A bug house, compost heap, hedgehog house and a selection of native plants have been added to the grounds to encourage biodiversity.

Beekeeper and hives

PML hosts a rooftop apiary on behalf of Pollenize - a local orgnisation encouraging rewilding to combat pollinator decline.
Image courtesy of Chris Parkes Photography ltd

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In November 2021, we were awarded 'Environmental Success of the Year' at the Plymouth Live Business Awards, partly for our work in reducing our environmental footprint.