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Our science groups

Our scientists are grouped into 5 science areas at PML, each of these groups has world-leading expertise in their fields.

Marine Systems Modelling

Our mission is to promote greater fundamental understanding of marine systems by developing and applying state-of-the-art computational models. These models simulate marine system functioning and its response to local and global pressures. We use this understanding to promote sustainable use of marine ecosystems, addressing many of the UN sustainable development goals and contributing to IPCC reporting.

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Sea and Society

We pioneer innovative research approaches that support the effective and sustainable management of marine and coastal systems and activities. This is designed to increase the benefits provided to society by the sea while conserving and enhancing the environment.

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Earth Observation Science & Applications

Improving the understanding and management of the ocean through the development and application of cutting-edge Earth Observation (EO) techniques and the pioneering of digital innovations in areas such as artifical intelligence (AI) and machine learning. 

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Marine Ecology and Biodiversity

Our mission is to undertake excellent high-impact research on marine ecosystems to understand how and why they respond to environmental change and human pressures, and what determines their potential for adaptation, resilience and sensitivities in different contexts.

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Marine Biogeochemistry and Observations

Developing our understanding of key marine biogeochemical processes and their multiple exchanges with terrestrial, atmospheric and benthic environments.

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Centre for Geospatial Applications

We deliver satellite Earth Observation (EO) products, and associated services, supported by PML research.  

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