PML joins the ICES Annual Science Conference 2013 in Iceland

PML joins the ICES Annual Science Conference 2013 in Iceland


The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) is a global organization for enhanced ocean sustainability.

Its Annual Science Conference 2013, taking place this month, will bring together 600–700 participants from all over the world, providing an opportunity for marine scientists, stakeholders and students to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and research results, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted.

Several of PML's scientists are due to present a diverse range of topics at the conference in Reykjavík, Iceland, including Professor Manuel Barange - PML's Director of Science and also Chair of the ICES Science Committee. Professor Barange will be chairing several sessions at ICES 2013 addressing key issues such as "the challenge of integrated ecosystem understanding" as well as hosting the Special Open lecture of the new Science Plan and scientific highlights of the ICES network in the past year.

You can find below details of talks, posters and presentations from PML scientists at ICES 2013:

Dr Jose  Fernandes Salvador: Session B: 'Responses of living marine resources to climate change and variability: learning from the past and projecting the future'

Presenting: Wednesday 25 September: 'Modelling ocean acidification impacts: from biological experiments to economic assessments and social impacts'

Session Q: 'Advantages of Bayesian analysis for fisheries and ecological research'

Presenting: 'Forecasting recruitment of multiple fish species using multi-dimensional Bayesian network classifiers'

Poster: Thursday 26 September:  'A Bayesian network for evaluation of setting and reaching the targets of the Water Framework Directive'

Dr Pennie Lindeque and Mrs Elaine Fileman: Tuesday 24 September co-convening Session F ‘Complexity and structure of planktonic foodwebs: who really eats whom?'

Presenting: 'What’s on the menu? Determining feeding rates and selectivity of meroplankton in the Western English Channel with traditional and molecular techniques' (Authors: Pennie Lindeque, Elaine Fileman, Rachel Harmer, Katharine Pemberton, and Helen Parry)

Presenting: 'Feeding and diversity of copepod nauplii communities along the Atlantic Meridional Transect' (Authors: Elaine Fileman, Rachel Harmer, Katharine Pemberton, and Pennie Lindeque)

PhD student Matthew Cole: Session A: Marine Litter Monday 23 September

Presenting: 'Consequences of microplastic exposure to copepods' (Authors: Matthew Cole, Pennie Lindeque, Elaine Fileman, Claudia Halsband and Tamara S. Galloway)

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