PML showcases world-class research at the House of Lords this week

PML showcases world-class research at the House of Lords this week


The Rt Hon Lord Berkeley, OBE, takes PML’s science to Westminster this week where he will be hosting a reception at the House of Lords.

PML’s world-leading scientists, backed by an influential board of Trustees, are presenting globally significant science to a high level audience. Included are some of the approaches PML take in order to better understand the complex marine environment which covers three quarters of our planet.

PML is a very highly regarded academic institution, which specialises in delivering pioneering research, and subsequent knowledge transfer, addressing the many challenges to the marine environment, for the benefit of society. The reception will highlight PML’s research relating to the understanding and sustainability of the largest ecosystem on Earth and also the many goods and services it provides.

Lord Berkeley commented on the exhibition: “As a Trustee of PML, I am particularly thrilled to be able to invite PML to hold an event in The House of Lords, where its unique scientific research will prove interesting and thought provoking to members at Westminster, their advisers and beyond. Being a Trustee gives me a sense of great pride as PML is a major asset to the South West and indeed the entire country. Through this event we can help to raise the profile of PML and promote its pioneering research.”

PML is especially honoured that the Rt Hon David Willetts MP, Minister of State for Universities and Science, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has agreed to be  a guest speaker at this high level event.

Professor Steve de Mora added: “Thanks to Lord Berkeley’s kind invitation, PML has the opportunity to present its exciting work at Westminster, discussing the importance of the ocean, some of the threats it faces, and how PML directly addresses some key concerns. Importantly for us, we want to share with people the significance of PML’s research; as an organisation we contribute to projects across Europe and beyond, and this international outlook often results in PML leading on issues of global concern. We regard this event at the House of Lords as a vital output of our research – making marine science relevant and available, and most importantly, ensuring it is used for the benefit of humankind. We are confident that this event will clearly demonstrate how PML works to apply marine science to address societal and economic challenges.”

Covering three quarters of our planet, the ocean may not have a voice but it tells a lot about the health of our planet and how we are affecting it. It tells us about the challenges it faces but also of its richness of life and potential, much of which we are only just beginning to uncover such as energy, food and health. Innovating through different disciplines and diversity, everyone at PML is united by one belief that ‘only if we listen to the ocean can we uncover a sustainable future for our planet’.


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