Plymouth Marine Laboratory launches strategy for supporting ocean futures


World Oceans Day provides an auspicious backdrop for the launch of Plymouth Marine Laboratory’s new Strategy 2020-2025.

The ocean faces threats from many directions, and there is now a growing realization among politicians and other decision makers as well as the scientific community and the wider public that we need to act now for its sustainable future.  With this in mind PML’s new Strategy 2020-2025 is designed to meet demands for the best possible science to ensure the ocean remains healthy and continues to provide us with the life sustaining goods and services we often take for granted. PML is driven by a desire to provide research excellence to support a sustainable ocean and the PML Strategy 2020-2025 sets out its agenda for pursuing this course.

In the international context PML is now fully aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the ‘double-decade’ of action: The Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development alongside the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. Nationally PML is totally behind the UK Research & Innovation and the Natural Environment Research Councils’ aspirations for multidisciplinary research to deliver cutting-edge science for positive environmental as well as economic and societal impacts. Regionally, PML will continue to build partnerships and working collaborations that further enhance Plymouth and the wider South West as a powerhouse for marine science excellence. Science excellence and impact may be the main strategic priority for PML but it can only be achieved alongside and within three other strategic priorities of: Business Excellence, Social Responsibility and Environmental Responsibility.

The PML Strategy 2020-2025 is the overarching route map for PML to make significant contributions to achieving its vision of a healthy and sustainable ocean through the delivery of impactful, cutting-edge environmental and social science. Cascading down from this Strategy 2020-2025, more detailed aspirations and implementation plans are being formulated to ensure PML retains and improves on its undoubted world-class record for impactful relevant marine science.

Click here to download an executive summary of the PML Strategy 2020-2025.

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