From Left: Prof. Stephen de Mora PML Chief Executive, The Secretary of State for Defence Michael Fallon MP and Conservative Member of Parliament for Plymouth Sutton & Devonport, Oliver Colvile

Secretary of State for Defence visits PML


The Secretary of State for Defence, the Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP, visited PML this week to learn about some of the internationally-renowned marine research being undertaken in Britain’s Ocean City.

The Secretary came to the laboratory specifically at the recommendation of local Conservative MP, Oliver Colvile, who was also present during the visit.

During the tour of the marine facility a wide variety of topics was discussed, ranging from the development of skills and expertise through PML’s student training, and the future funding landscape for organizations similar to PML, to the application of PML’s world-leading coastal ecosystem models, particularly within the scientific research areas of food security, ocean acidification, carbon dioxide capture and storage, contaminant tracking and the effects of offshore windfarm installations.

Mr Fallon noted that outputs from PML are grounded in scientific evidence and commented: "I was delighted to visit this world-class institution that is a major part of Plymouth's position as a leading centre of marine expertise."

Prof. Stephen de Mora, Chief Executive of PML, commented: “It was an honour to have such a distinguished guest visit the lab and the Minister’s level of scientific knowledge was highly impressive. I particularly enjoyed our discussion on the varied uses of marine ecosystem models, specifically to help increase understanding of our changing ocean and inform local and global food security strategies.”

Prior to his current position, Mr Fallon was the Minister for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (2013 - 2014) and the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (2012 - 2014), and was formerly Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department of Education and Science under Prime Minister Thatcher.


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