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Dr Francesco Nencioli

Marine Earth Observation Scientist

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I am an oceanographer mainly interested in studying meso- and submesoscale processes and their impact on biogeochemical dynamics by combining remote sensing and in situ observations.

Originally from Italy (where I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Bologna), I have also worked in the US (PhD in Oceanography at the University of California Santa Barbara) and in France (postdocs in Marseille and Brest).

At PML I am currently involved in the activities of the Sentinel-3 Mission Performance Center (satellite altimetry) as well as those of the Atlantic Meridional Transect cruise (in situ optical observations).


Sea State CCI
Sea State CCI

Contact: Dr Graham Quartly

Sea State CCI is part of the European Space Agency's programme to deliver long-term homogeneous datasets covering many of the recognised...

SOLSTICE-WIO: Sustainable Oceans, Livelihoods and food Security Through Increased Capacity in Ecosystem research in the Western Indian Ocean

Contact: Dr Eleni Papathanasopoulou

SOLSTICE – WIO is a four year collaborative GCRF project that aims to strengthen capacity in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) region to address...

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Other key projects

  • GlobCurrent
  • Sentinel-3 Mission Performance Center
  • MASSMO – Marine Autonomous Systems for Marine Observations 

Selected key publications

  • Nencioli, F., F. d’Ovidio, A.M. Dolgioli and A.A. Petrenko. 2013 In-situ estimates of submesoscale horizontal eddy diffusivity across an ocean front. Journal of Geophysical Research, 118, 7066-7080. doi:10.1002/2013JC009252
  • Nencioli F., F. d’Ovidio, A. Doglioli, and A. Petrenko. 2011. Surface coastal circulation patterns by in-situ detection of Lagrangian Coherent Structures. Geophysical Research Letters, 38, L17604. doi:10.1029/2011GL048815
  • Nencioli F., C. Dong , T.D. Dickey, L. Washburn, J.C. McWilliams. 2010. A vector geometry based eddy detection algorithm and its application to a high-resolution numerical model product and high-frequency radar surface velocities in the Southern California Bight. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 27(3), 564-579. doi:10.1175/2009JTECHO725.1
  • Nencioli, F., T.D. Dickey, V.S. Kuwahara, R.R. Bidigare and Y.M. Rii. 2008. Physical dynamics and biological implications of a mesoscale eddy in the lee of Hawaii: cyclone opal observations during E-Flux III. Deep-Sea Research II, 55, 1195-121. doi:10.1029/2009JC005346