CoastWEB - Valuing the contribution which COASTal habitats make to human health and WEllBeing, with a focus on the alleviation of natural hazards

CoastWEB aims to holistically value the contribution which coastal habitats make to human health and wellbeing, with a focus on the alleviation of coastal natural hazards and extreme events.

The project begins with the definition of a set of “real world” future interventions for Welsh salt marsh ecosystems, with a particular focus on coastal defence, and set within a broader national policy context. It is critical that the outputs of this research are useful to end users, and not just academic partners, as such the definition of these options will be made in close collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders.


The impact of these interventions on saltmarsh coastal defence capacity will then be explored using natural science and modelling techniques, improving our understanding of the key ecosystem processes and attributes which influence this capacity. The impact on other ecosystem services will also be documented using existing literature. A key output will be the production of Waleswide maps of changes in salt marsh coastal defence services, under differing interventions.

The impact of these changes in coastal defence, and broader ecosystem service delivery, will be linked to changes in human health and wellbeing at both a local community and national scale. The local wellbeing impacts will be explored through the application of qualitative dialogue based techniques, whereas the national scale impacts will be explored through quantitative (monetary and non-monetary) survey techniques.

Through mapping and workshops, using both an interactive artistic approach (local) and the established modelling platform, Thomson Interactive Mapping (TIM; national), the health and wellbeing results will then feed directly back into the stakeholder base and the management of the salt marsh, as they will provide a unique insight into the broader health and wellbeing aspects of salt marshes, under future interventions.

This project has been completed

Key information

Funder: NERC, ESRC and A&HRC

Project start date: August 2016

Project end date: February 2020

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Other participants

Dr Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas, Dr Olivia Rendón