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Global Observatory of Lake Responses to Environmental Change (GloboLakes)

Image courtesy of Joshua Stevens, NASA Earth Observatory,

Completed project

Project start: September 2012  |  Project end: August 2017
Funder: Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
Principal Investigator: Steve Groom
Other participants from PML: Dr Andrei Chuprin, Dr Gavin Tilstone, Dr Victor Martinez-Vicente, Stefan Simis, Steve Groom

The GloboLakes project investigates how lakes respond to climate change and other environmental influences on a global scale. In order to do this, the Globolakes project is undertaking archive data processing to produce a 20-year time series. This long-term study will observe ecological parameters and lake temperature, applying marine based observation techniques to freshwater.

Lakes are essential resources for human survival, crucial to biogeochemical cycles and provide key ecosystem services. Through understanding how lakes respond to environmental change at different scales, GloboLakes aims to advance knowledge of how this change will impact on the future function and status of lakes globally. The resulting information and products can then be provided to environmental managers.

Our world-leading expertise in satellite data processing, analysis and application are an essential part of the GloboLakes project.