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MARLAN: Plymouth Marine Laboratory’s Marine Artificial Light at Night Research Facility

Published: 2022   |  DOI: 10.17031/rhgk-8155

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This document describes the design of, and infrastructure implemented, at Plymouth Marine Laboratory’s Light Pollution Research Facility. This is a bespoke light insulated seawater aquarium facility dedicated to the study of light pollution effects, located within Plymouth Marine Laboratory’s mesocosm laboratory. The facility is composed of three main components: the Holding System; the Lighting System; and the Tidal Lightscape Simulator. The document details each section and the technical information about the design of each component. 


Acknowledgements: The MARLAN development benefited from funding from the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council grant NE/S003568/1, attributed to AMQ and SW, and from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 FutureMARES project grant #869300, attributed to AMQ.


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Ana M Queirós, Liz Talbot, Chris Pascoe, Anthony Staff and Steve Widdicombe. MARLAN: Plymouth Marine Laboratory’s Marine Artificial Light at Night Research Facility. Plymouth Marine Laboratory. 9pp. doi: 10.17031/rhgk-8155.



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