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Jessica Heard

Jessica Heard

Project Manager

jessh10/6/2022 3:42:51    |     +44 (0)1752 633100 (switchboard)

Project Manager and experienced Knowledge Exchange coordinator with over 15 years’ experience in the management of EU and NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) projects from contractual to implementation stages. I am currently the Project Manager for H2020 Project MONOCLE and NERC project CAMPUS. I have extensive experience in leading the KE activities for several large collaborative EU projects, designing and producing information sheets, developing websites and data portals and running stakeholder engagement activities.


  • MONOCLE - Multiscale Observation Networks for Optical monitoring of Coastal waters, Lakes and Estuaries (H2020)
  • CAMPUS - Combining Autonomous observations and Models for Predicting and Understanding Shelf seas (NERC)
  • SWEEP - South West Partnership for Environmental and Economic Prosperity (NERC)
  • MERP – Marine Ecosystem Research Programme (NERC)
  • MEECE - Marine Ecosystem Evolution in a Changing Environment (FP7)
  • OPEC - Operational Ecology Marine Ecosystem Forecasting (FP7)


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