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Our team is made up of a diverse range of people from early career scientists to those with decades of experience and accolades, students, apprentices and visiting researchers. Our operations staff also play a crucial part in supporting our science and facilities. If you would like to be part of PML please visit our vacancies page or follow us on Twitter to be kept up-to-date with new opportunities.

Photo of Professor Pennie Lindeque

I am fascinated how biology works and passionate about understanding how anthropogenic pollutants and environmental change impact marine organisms and ecosystems. Working at PML with inspiring colleagues allows me to address a range of challenges, thereby helping to maintain a healthy marine environment for future generations.

Professor Pennie Lindeque
Head of Science: Marine Ecology and Biodiversity

People directory

Nick Buckland OBE

Board Member

Mark Butcher

Board Member

Nigel Godefroy FCA

Board Member

Paul James

Board Member

Dr Bev MacKenzie

Board Member

Janice Timberlake

Chair of the Board

Professor Icarus Allen

Chief Executive of the Plymouth Marine Laboratory and PML Applications Ltd

Roslyn Gardner

Personal Secretary and Science Support Office Manager

Duncan McFarlane

Legal Contracts Officer
dmc6/29/2022 5:41:22

Beverly Tremain

Director of Operations & Company Secretary

Professor Steve Widdicombe

Director of Science and Deputy Chief Executive

Professor Nicola Beaumont

Head of Science - Sea and Society
nijb6/29/2022 5:41:22

Jerry Blackford

Head of Science: Marine Systems Modelling Group
jcb6/29/2022 5:41:22

Ben Calton

Head of Geospatial Applications
bac6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor Steve Groom

Head of Science - Earth Observation
sbg6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor Pennie Lindeque

Head of Science: Marine Ecology and Biodiversity
pkw6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Tim Smyth

Head of Science - Marine Biogeochemistry and Observations
tjsm6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Ruth Airs

Marine Biogeochemist and Head of Postgraduate Studies
ruai6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Yuri Artioli

Marine Ecosystem Modeller
yuti6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Angus Atkinson

Marine Ecologist
aat6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Elizabeth C. Atwood

Earth Observation Data Analyst
liat6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Katie Awty-Carroll

Environmental Intelligence Data Scientist
kawc6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Muchamad Al Azhar

Ocean Modeller
maz6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Heather Baxter

Project Manager
heba6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Michael Bedington

mbe6/29/2022 5:41:22

Amanda Beesley

Zooplankton analyst
abee6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor Tom Bell

Ocean/atmosphere biogeochemist
tbe6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Lauren Biermann

Earth Observation Scientist
lbi6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Zara Botterell

Marine biologist
zab6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Sarah Breimann

Analytical chemist
sabr6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Stefanie Broszeit

Marine ecosystem services researcher
stbr6/29/2022 5:41:22

Ian Brown

Marine Chemist
iaian26/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Ruth Calder-Potts

Project Manager
ruca6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Andrei Chuprin

ach6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Stefano Ciavatta

Merit Scientist in Marine Ecosystem Modelling
avab6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr James Clark

Marine Ecosystem Modeller
jcl6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Dan Clewley

Earth Observation Research Software Engineer
dac6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Matthew Cole

Senior Marine Ecologist and Ecotoxicologist
mcol6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Rachel Coppock

Marine Ecologist
rac6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Giorgio Dall'Olmo

Earth Observation Scientist
gdal6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Lee de Mora

Marine Ecosystem Modeller
ledm6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Marius Dewar

made6/29/2022 5:41:22

James Dingle

Earth Observation Data Analyst
jad6/29/2022 5:41:22

Andrew Edwards-Jones

Social Scientist
aej6/29/2022 5:41:22

Elaine Fileman

Plankton Ecologist
ese6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Helen Findlay

Biological Oceanographer
hefi6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr James Fishwick

Head of Smart Sound Plymouth and Head of Operations and Technology, Western Channel Observatory
jrfi6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor Kevin Flynn

Marine Plankton Ecologist
kjf6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas

Environmental Psychologist
egt6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Giovanni Galli

gig6/29/2022 5:41:22

Carolyn Harris

Analytical Chemist
caha6/29/2022 5:41:22

Jessica Heard

Project Manager
jessh6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Frances E. Hopkins

Marine biogeochemist
fhop6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Ben Howey

Earth Observation Data Analyst
beh6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Thomas Jackson

Remote Sensing and Ocean Optics Scientist
thja6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Molly James

Marine Ecosystems Modeller
moja6/29/2022 5:41:22

William Jay

Airborne Earth Observation Data Analyst
wja6/29/2022 5:41:22

Oban Jones

Marine Science and Technology Technician
obj6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Bror Jonsson

Senior scientist
brj6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Thomas Jordan

Earth Observation Scientist
tjor6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Susan Kay

Numerical Modeller
suka6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Vassilis Kitidis

Marine biogeochemist
vak6/29/2022 5:41:22

Christina Kong

Postgraduate Fellowship
chko6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Gemma Kulk

Phytoplankton physiologist
gku6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Andrey Kurekin

Coastal Ocean Colour scientist
anku6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Peter Land

Remote Sensing Scientist
peland6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Angus Laurenson

Scientific Python Guru
anla6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Gennadi Lessin

Marine System Modeller
gle6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Junfang Lin

Earth Observation Scientist
junl6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Xiaohan Liu

Earth Observation Scientist
liux6/29/2022 5:41:22

Jennifer Lockett

Senior Impact Manager
jelo6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Océane Marcone

Social Science Researcher
ocm6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Nicola Martin

Senior Earth Observation Research Software Engineer
nima6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Victor Martinez-Vicente

Bio-optical oceanographer
vmv6/29/2022 5:41:22

Aser Mata

Earth Observation Scientist
asm6/29/2022 5:41:22

Andrea McEvoy

Benthic Ecologist
ajmc6/29/2022 5:41:22

Louise McNeill

Benthic Ecologist and Faunal Taxonomist
clmc6/29/2022 5:41:22

Thomas Mesher

Macrofaunal Ecologist
thm6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Peter Miller

Marine Earth Observation Scientist
pim6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr David Moffat

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Data Scientist
dmof6/29/2022 5:41:22

Joana Nunes

Benthic Ecologist
jonu6/29/2022 5:41:22

Benjamin O'Driscoll

Data Visualisation and GIS Developer
bod6/29/2022 5:41:22

Silvia Pardo

Earth Observation Scientist
spa6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Helen Parry

Molecular Biologist and Physiologist
hech6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Dale Partridge

dapa6/29/2022 5:41:22

Christine Pascoe

ckh6/29/2022 5:41:22

Jani Pewter

Instrument and Data Technician

Dr Helen Powley

hpo6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Graham Quartly

Physical oceanographer (Remote sensing)
gqu6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Ana M Queirós

Marine and Climate Change Ecologist
anqu6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Andy Rees

Marine biogeochemist
apre6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Olivia Rendón

Environmental Economist
ore6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Mahasweta Saha

Marine Chemical Ecologist
msa6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Sevrine Sailley

Ecosystem modeller
sesa6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Shubha Sathyendranath

Merit Remote Sensing Scientist
ssat6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Nick Selmes

Earth Observation Scientist
nse6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor Stefan Simis

Earth Observation Scientist (inland/coastal waters)
stsi6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Jozef Skakala

Ecosystem modeller
jos6/29/2022 5:41:22

Darren Snee

Data and Web Services Engineer
dsn6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Paul J. Somerfield

pjso6/29/2022 5:41:22

Emma Sullivan

Earth Observation Scientist
emsu6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Karen Tait

Microbial Ecologist
ktait6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Liz Talbot

Marine Ecologist
sat6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Glen Tarran

Marine microbial ecologist
gat6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Varunan Theenathayalan

Earth Observation Scientist
vath6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Gavin H Tilstone

Bio-optical oceanographer
ghti6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Ricardo Torres

Systems Modeller Data Assimilation
rito6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Carol Turley

Head of International Affairs
ct6/29/2022 5:41:22

Peter Walker

Remote Sensing scientist
petwa6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Mark Warren

Remote sensing scientist
mark16/29/2022 5:41:22

Joanna Warwick

Post-doctoral researcher
jwd6/29/2022 5:41:22

Michael Wathen

Research Software Engineer
miwa6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Stephen Watson

Ecosystems Services Scientist
stw6/29/2022 5:41:22

Claire Widdicombe

Plankton Ecologist
clst6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Robert Wilson

Ecosystem Modeller
rwi6/29/2022 5:41:22

E. Malcolm S. Woodward

Chemical oceanographer
emsw6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Ming-Xi Yang

Chemical Oceanographer
miya6/29/2022 5:41:22

Sophie Armitage

Student Intern
soar6/29/2022 5:41:22

Bailey Biggar

MRes student
bbig6/29/2022 5:41:22

Shauna Corr

PhD student
shco6/29/2022 5:41:22

Emilie Courtecuisse

PhD student
emc6/29/2022 5:41:22

Jasmin Dorinda

PhD student
jaur6/29/2022 5:41:22

Patrick Downes

PhD Student
pad6/29/2022 5:41:22

Heather Emberson-Marl

MSc student
heem6/29/2022 5:41:22

Daniel Ford

PhD Student
dfo6/29/2022 5:41:22

Hannah Green

PhD Student

Agathe Hellich

Research assistant/intern
aghe6/29/2022 5:41:22

Anneliese Hodge

MRes student
aho6/29/2022 5:41:22

George Manville

PhD student

Hayley McIlwraith

PhD student

Francesco Pallottino

PhD Student
fpa6/29/2022 5:41:22

Paula Pereira

Research intern
ppe6/29/2022 5:41:22

Emily Robinson

MSc student
emro6/29/2022 5:41:22

Oliver Thomas

PhD student
olth6/29/2022 5:41:22

Chris Walkinshaw

PhD Student
chw6/29/2022 5:41:22

Sian Coughlin

Head of Financial Services

Jacqueline Cullum

Accounts Officer

Justine Dolling

Financial Controller

Samantha Farrell

Contracts Administrator

Mihaela Panaete

Accounts Officer

Dean Richards

Finance Manager

Marta Weremczuk

Accounts Officer

James Lord

Fundraising Development Officer
jal6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Rachael Beale

Science Facilities Manager
rbea6/29/2022 5:41:22

Graham Beddoe

Quality Manager
grb6/29/2022 5:41:22

Lee Merchant

Buildings and Facilities Manager
lmer6/29/2022 5:41:22

Valerie Barlow

Human Resources Officer

Julia Davy

Head of Human Resources

Elizabeth Hamilton

Human Resources Manager

Maddie Riley

Human Resources Administrator

Suzi Shepherd

Human Resources Administrator
SuSh6/29/2022 5:41:22

Joe Bishop

Windows server systems & infrastructure specialist

Liam Gilbard

System and Applications Developer

Gary Holder

Head of ITG

John Jury

IT Customer Support Specialist

Thecla Keizer

Deputy Head International Office & International Marketing and Business Development Executive
tke6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Carol Turley

Head of International Affairs
ct6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dawn Ashby

Senior Communications Officer
daas6/29/2022 5:41:22

Kelly-Marie Davidson

Senior Communications Officer
kdav6/29/2022 5:41:22

Daniel Jones

Head of Marketing & Communications
dajo6/29/2022 5:41:22

Thecla Keizer

Deputy Head International Office & International Marketing and Business Development Executive
tke6/29/2022 5:41:22

Jon White

jowa6/29/2022 5:41:22

Ben Calton

Head of Geospatial Applications
bac6/29/2022 5:41:22

Samuel Fawcett

Applied Research Assistant
saf6/29/2022 5:41:22

Tim Fileman

Business Development Manager
twf6/29/2022 5:41:22

Stuart Heale

Applied Marine Technician
sthe6/29/2022 5:41:22

Kim Hockley

Project Manager
khock6/29/2022 5:41:22

Maria Igoshina

Project Management and Administrative Support
mai6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Dimitrios Kaloudis

Research Scientist
dka6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Tom Vance

Research and Development Manager
thva6/29/2022 5:41:22

Anna Yunnie

Senior Applied Scientist (Marine Biologist & Ecologist)
anyu6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor Jim Aiken

PML Fellow
ja6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor Manuel Barange

PML Fellow
maba6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Peter Claridge

PML Fellow
pnc6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor Bob Clarke

krc6/29/2022 5:41:22

Sarah Dashfield

PML Fellow
sldas6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor Stephen de Mora

PML Fellow
sjdm6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Joanna L Dixon

PML Fellow
jod6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Roger Harris

PML Fellow
rph6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Anthony Hawkins

PML Fellow
ajsh6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor Tom Hutchinson

PML Fellow
thom16/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor Carole Llewellyn

PML Fellow
call6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr David Lowe

PML Fellow
dml6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor Fauzi Mantoura

Honorary PML Fellow
rfcm6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor Michael Moore

PML Fellow
mnm6/29/2022 5:41:22

Sarah Nelms

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow
san6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor Philip Nightingale

PML Fellow
pdn6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor Jan Pentreath

PML Fellow
jpen6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor Robin Pingree

PML Fellow
rdp6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Marie-Fanny Racault

PML Honorary Fellow, based at University of East Anglia

Assistant Professor Dionysios Raitsos

PML Fellow
dra6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor James Readman

PML Fellow
jwre6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Rebecca Shellock

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow
res6/29/2022 5:41:22

David Smith

PML Fellow
djds6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Emily Stebbings

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow
emst6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor Arnold Taylor

PML Fellow
aht6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Reg Uncles

PML Fellow
rju6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Richard Warwick

PML Fellow
rmw6/29/2022 5:41:22

Professor John Widdows

PML Fellow
jwid6/29/2022 5:41:22

Fiona Beckman

POGO Communications Officer
fbe6/29/2022 5:41:22

Karolina Iwaniak

POGO Accounts Officer
kiw6/29/2022 5:41:22

Laura Ruffoni

POGO Administrative Assistant
laru6/29/2022 5:41:22

Dr Sophie Seeyave

POGO Chief Executive Officer
ssve6/29/2022 5:41:22

Graham Beddoe

Quality Manager
grb6/29/2022 5:41:22

Louise Baker

loba6/29/2022 5:41:22

Stephanie Raw

sra6/29/2022 5:41:22

Christina Devereux

Science Support Administrator
chpb6/29/2022 5:41:22

Suzanne Hawkins

Science Support Administrator
suh6/29/2022 5:41:22

Geri Laing

Science Support Office Administrator
gebr6/29/2022 5:41:22

Josie Ashford

joas6/29/2022 5:41:22

Michael Ashford

Laboratory Cleaner
mias6/29/2022 5:41:22

Louise Baker

loba6/29/2022 5:41:22

Tristan Jaycock

Marine engineer
trj6/29/2022 5:41:22

Lee Merchant

Buildings and Facilities Manager
lmer6/29/2022 5:41:22

Andrew Pawley

scme6/29/2022 5:41:22

Andrew Perkin

ajpe6/29/2022 5:41:22

Georgina Ramm

Maritime Apprentice
gra6/29/2022 5:41:22

Stephanie Raw

sra6/29/2022 5:41:22

Anthony Staff

Deputy Services Manager
ajst6/29/2022 5:41:22

Gary Stevens

gstev6/29/2022 5:41:22

Mark Wilson

Technical Services Assistant
mawi6/29/2022 5:41:22