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The 8th International Symposium on Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces

Tuesday 17 May 2022 - Friday 20 May 2022

: Plymouth Marine Laboratory (and online)

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The Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces (GTWS) symposium normally occurs every 5 years and brings together scientists from countries all over the world. This topic is globally-important. Gas transfer is of great import for quantifying CO2 uptake by the ocean as well as the emission of climate-relevant gases such as DMS and other volatile organic compounds. The focus is the physicochemical and biogeochemical processes that govern atmosphere-water gas exchange and fluxes. These include turbulence, shear, breaking waves, bubbles, and surfactants as well as the biology and chemistry of the microlayer. The conference covered all domains where air and water meet, including freshwater, estuarine, marine (coastal and open ocean) and polar regions, as well as laboratory and numerical studies.

GTWS group photo
In May 2022, after the inevitable delays due to the Covid pandemic, the main event finally took place, which was a great relief to the organising committee! The event was well-attended with nearly 100 participants (approx. 75% in-person, 25% online). Using Plymouth Marine Laboratory’s new technology for hybrid events, and with the help of an external company (Mindfully Wired;, we hosted the hybrid event and switched effortlessly between the room and online participants during the Q&As. Those in the room and online clearly enjoyed the opportunity to have an open debate again. We are pleased with the GTWS symposium went, and particularly pleased that it clearly showed that you no longer have to travel to actively participate at a conference and present to the international community!
The Plymouth GTWS publication:

Traditionally, there has been a publication containing GTWS articles (with light touch reviewing). This time, much of the presented work has already been published during the pandemic, so we are adopting a different strategy. We will publish an updated version of the attached Book of Abstracts (with its own DOI and published by PML).

For each Abstract, we will add a link to the relevant poster/presentation. If participants were in a morning session, they have the opportunity to edit their slides before publication. In addition, participants are encouraged to edit their abstracts. We make the following specific suggestions:
  • Add in links to the published work that was directly discussed in your presentation/poster.

  • Add in a specific figure or two

Edited abstracts and presentations should be submitted by the 30th June.


For any enquiries relating to this event please email: or call Plymouth Marine Laboratory on +44 (0)1752 633 100

Event Administrator - Geri Laing ,Science Support Administrator, Plymouth Marine Laboratory


Click here to download the Book of Abstracts


Lucy Carpenter (University of York)  - The role of chemistry in air-sea fluxes
Christa Marandino (GEOMAR, Kiel) - Gas transfer in the open oceans
Sally McIntyre (University of California)  - Freshwater gas exchange: from reservoirs to flooded forests, from the Amazon to the Arctic
David Woolf (Heriot Watt University)  - The peculiar characteristics of air-water gas transfer across a broken surface
Luc Deike (Princeton University, USA)
Leonnie Esters (Uppsale University, Sweden)
Prof Peter Liss FRS (University of East Anglia) - Claw - Dead or Alive? 


Organising committee

Phil Nightingale (Chair) - Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Tom Bell (Co-Chair) - Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Jamie Shutler - University of Exeter
Andy Watson - University of Exeter
Frances Hopkins - Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Event administration

Geri Laing - Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Scientific Committee

Tom Bell (Chair) - Plymouth Marine Laboratory (UK)
Phil Nightingale (Co-Chair) - Plymouth Marine Laboratory (UK)
Jacqueline Boutin - CNRS UPMC (France)
Craig Donlon - European Space Agency
Tzung-May Fu - School of Environment, Southern University of Science and Technology (China)
Herlina Herlina - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany)
David Ho - University of Hawaii (USA)
Frances Hopkins - Plymouth Marine Laboratory (UK)
Andy Jessup - University of Washington (USA)
Christa Marindino - GEOMAR (Germany)
Lisa Miller - Institute of Ocean Sciences (Canada)
Wade McGillis - Columbia University (USA)
Anna Rutgersson - Uppsala University (Sweden)
Jamie Shutler - University of Exeter (UK)
Rachel Stanley - Wellesley College (USA)
Hiroshi Tanimoto - NIES (Japan)
Rik Wanninkhof - NOAA AOML (USA)
Brian Ward - National University of Ireland
Ming-Xi Yang - Plymouth Marine Laboratory (UK)
Chris Zappa - Columbia University (USA)


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