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Stormy seas

Completed project

Project start: November 2017  |  Project end: November 2021
Funder: Interreg Atlantic Area
Principal Investigator: Dr Ricardo Torres
Other participants from PML: Dr Molly James

MyCOAST will develop risk management tools and a Coordination Atlantic Coastal Operational Observatory to improve coastal monitoring and forecasting tools to support threat and emergency response by in the Atlantic area.

The Atlantic coastal region is often highly impacted and sensitive to both natural and anthropogenic threats. In recent years extreme storms, resulting in high water levels and large waves have brought significant material damage and occasionally human deaths. The increased use of renewable energy applications and offshore aquaculture increases the need for improved environmental monitoring and prevention systems. Maritime security is also a priority for transport and for an increasing number of sea operations. Another important challenge is the prevention of pollution and clean up post contamination.


MyCOAST will address these problems by the creation of a new Coordinated Atlantic Coastal Operational Observatory and through the development of standard observing and processing strategies. MyCOAST will facilitate a more extensive exploitation and interpretation of ocean related information leading to an improved understanding of the processes that take place in the coastal Atlantic region. Furthermore, easy access to quality controlled data will foster the development of better and new products and services. These may include tools for maritime safety, coastal flooding, HAB forecasts and MSFD descriptors.